Tax Minimisation

For most Australians, taxation is one of their largest expenses. A Queensland Financial Group advisor can assist with structuring your finances correctly to ensure you can minimise the amount of tax paid. Whether it be managing an inheritance, small business, trust structures, insurance bonds, or structuring tax effective investments, speak with an adviser today to ensure you have made the most out of available strategies.


Tax Effective Investments

Investing is a crucial part of building your overall wealth. Ensuring these investments do not create unnecessary tax issues, is a fundamental part of a long term wealth strategy.

Tax effective Estates/inheritance

Losing loved ones is an unfortunate part of life. Appropriate planning can ensure, your family are the only beneficiary of an estate, and the government does not benefit through, unknown 'death taxes'.

Debt Recycling

Not all debt is created equal. Understanding the difference between 'Good' debt and 'Bad' debt can result in a significant tax saving. Speak with an adviser today about converting your private debt, into tax-deductible debt.