Our Firm

Queensland Financial Group is a multi-generational family business, dedicated to providing strategic financial advice. Our primary goal is to improve our clients lives through the use of goals based financial advice, investment management and Life insurance advice.

Our firm believes in taking a systemised business approach to personal finances, and provides tailored programs to meet your lifestyle goals.

Our Investment Philosophy

Capital Preservation

Our investment approach is founded on capital stability, which performs through all market cycles. Capital preservation is a principled approach which involves managing risks to ensure your initial investment is not eroded.

Quality/Value Investing

Our firm uses a Quality investment approach, with a value overlay. A clearly defined fundamental criteria, ensures we manage money through investing in quality companies.

Active / Satellite Investing

Investment markets are fundamentally inefficient. Active investment management seeks to take advantage of the market inefficiencies to maximise clients financial outcomes. Core-Satellite investing, seeks to take advantage of these opportunities, whilst minimising costs.


Over 80% of investment outcomes can be explained by asset allocation. Managing the risk/return profile of your investment portfolio, is crucial to achieving your desired goals.