Retirement Advice

Retirement is something we all hope to only do once. It is an incredibly exciting time, and one which should be celebrated and is a great time to reflect on a career or life in the workforce. This can also become stressful event as it is sometimes hard to know what the future holds.

” Have I maximised my social security benefits?”

” Do I have enough money to get me through retirement?”

” What does my retirement look like?”

” Do I need to fully retire, or can I continue part time work?”

Queensland Financial Group can provide clarity, and work with you to build the retirement you have always dreamed of. Some of the areas we can assist you include:

  • Maximising super contributions pre/post retirement
  • Minimising Tax
  • Maximsiing Social Security Benefits
  • Small Business Capital Gains Tax concessions
  • Transition to Retirement pensions
  • Capital Protection
  • Estate planning