Investment + Portfolio Management

Financial and lifestyle objectives can range from modest to extremely ambitious. Taking into account earnings potential, it is clear investment is a fundamental part of any long term financial goal. With dozens of asset classes, and over 10,000 asset managers, managing your investments can be not only complicated but incredibly time consuming. Our experienced investment team, assist in managing the burden of research, administration and consolidated reporting, to ensure you can spend your time building your career/business or spending more time with your loved ones.

Fixed Fee for Service

We do not charge asset or % based Fees, and purely charge a fixed fee for service. This means our costs do not increase as your balance does, and provides you with a transparent, cost effective fee structure.

Socially & Environmentally Responsible

There are few certainties in life, and one is that this is the only planet we have. Speak to us today about our socially and environmentally responsible solutions today.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation determines over 80% of your long term investment returns. We manage portfolios using dynamic asset allocation, which is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure your investments are correctly positioned given the current economic climate.

Direct Equity Portfolios

Direct investment ownership can yield a number of key benefits. Control, timing and efficient tax benefits are just some of the key benefits. Speak to one of our advisers today, about how a direct equity account could benefit you.

Income Focused Portfolios

For most clients, cash is king. Our tailored income portfolio's focus on maximising long term cashflow, which will provide both liquidity and tax effective income streams.

Consolidated Reporting

The more investments you acquire the greater the work involved in managing the paperwork. Our consolidated portfolio reporting not only provides up to date reporting in real time, to provide clairity to where you currently stand, but also makes tax time easy, with consolidated tax reports.

Other Services